'Democracy was still there in the country 2500 years ago, it is still there..' : PM

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi, while attending the 'Summit for Democracy' organized by US President Joe Biden on Friday (December 10, 2021), said India is ready to work with partners to strengthen democratic values internationally. PM Modi said that the spirit of democracy has been an integral part of our civilization and democracy has been and will continue to be in India.

Pm Modi also apprised the world of the antiquity of democracy in India from the Summit for democracy forum. He said that 2,500 years ago, India was also in a developed state during the Lichchavi and Sakya dynasty . A similar democratic system is also seen in the Uttirmeru inscription during the 10th century in ancient India. These ancient democratic systems of India were among the richest civilizations. PM Modi said india's ancient democratic system could not be given up by centuries of colonial rule. After independence, democratic expression was revived by the country and India has presented a unique story for the last 75 years in building a democratic nation.

He described it as a story of socio-economic inclusion in all spheres and said that Indian democracy is a story of continuous improvement in health, education and human life, which is difficult to imagine. PM Modi said India has given a clear message to the world that democracy can give, democracy has given and democracy has continued to give. PM Modi also said that multi-party elections, independent judiciary and free media structures are important tools of democracy in the country. The basic spirit and power of democracy is embedded in our citizens and society. Tell us that 110 countries from all over the world were invited by the US to attend the conference. Pakistan was also involved. But later Pakistan itself parted ways. However, China and Russia were not invited to attend the conference.

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