Dharam Paji lit Mashal on PM Modi's appeal, shared video
Dharam Paji lit Mashal on PM Modi's appeal, shared video

After the appeal of Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, people across the country showed solidarity by lighting a lamp, candle and flashlight at 9 pm last night. Along with the common people, many Bollywood stars were also involved. Meanwhile, Bollywood veteran actor Dharmendra was also seen. He lit a torch by not lighting a lamp and a candle and during this time a video is also becoming very viral on social media. The actor is seen holding a torch in his hand in this video.

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Dharmendra has shared this video from his account on social media, and in the video, he said, "The pain is visible on the face of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and behind that pain, he has to do something for his countrymen. That is why he said that a lamp should be lit today. This lamp is a promise to ourselves, a pledge that together we can root this nominal disease. Adh endeavor. My prayers to stay for everyone, be happy, healthy and quickly make a beautiful country to country. "

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Bollywood actor Dharmendra is very active on social media. They share some photo or video on the day that quickly becomes viral. Some people are seen with him in his shared video, but after watching this video, many people have trolled Dharmendra and said that he had to be alone not with so many people.

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