Have you heard the new song of Dhinchak Pooja?

Subah Uthate Hai Hum, Brush Karte Hai Hum, Phir Khate Hai Hum, Phir Jate Hai Hum, Chai Banate Hai Hum, Use Pite Hai Hum, Nahate Hai Hum, Phir Taiyar Hote Hai Hum… You must be thinking what we are saying. 


This is the new song which is brought by Dhinhank Pooja. She brings something in her song every time, which blow the mind upon hearing it. Pooja has become popular for her unique genre of music, today everyone listens to her music, whether they like it or not. It can be said that there is no magic in her voice, but yes, there is definitely that pain in her voice, which makes the listener to laugh. At this time, the Corona period is going on and on this corona period, Pooja has composed a new song 'Roz Roz Ka Kaam'.

You can listen to this song here. Many people have heard this song and given their reactions. Five days ago, Pooja shared this video on her Instagram account and wrote in the caption, 'New song 'Roz Roz Ka Kama' has been released, the full video will be found on YouTube.' This video has got three thousand likes on Insta and over 85 thousand views on YouTube. Let us show the reactions of people.

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