Did Priyanka Chopra accidentally reveal she was having a baby girl?
Did Priyanka Chopra accidentally reveal she was having a baby girl?

Priyanka Chopra and not Jonas have become parents. The little guest sat at both of them. Priyanka has given her fans the biggest gift of the year by sharing the news of becoming a mother. In fact, this couple has become a parent of surrogacy. The two have welcomed the little guest to their house. However, the news of Priyanka becoming a mother excited people as much as they were curious about the baby's gender. However, it was later reported that Priyanka's daughter had been born.



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However, just as Priyanka gave her baby planning hint at the Family Roast show before the revelation of becoming a mother, the actress also revealed that she was a daughter during an interview. Yes and this interview is during his film Metre Ki's Reactions in December 2021. In this interview, Priyanka gave a hint of the baby's gender. In fact, at present, a video cl p is going viral in which Priyanka was seen talking about a strong ray. In the meantime, she said, "I would not like for my daughter and my children, who will be of the next generation, to adopt the restrictions that were imposed on us. '

In this interview, Priyanka's saying 'my daughter' is giving fans happiness and now Fans are saying Priyanka already knew that she would have a girl. Well, here it is a matter of women's empowerment, so it is natural that Priyanka will talk about the daughter. Although this thing of the actress, even if it is not a revelation, the fans are considering it as a revelation and they are calling it the best.

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