Digvijay Singh attacks Modi govt on the privatization of trains

Jul 02 2020 04:40 PM
Digvijay Singh attacks Modi govt on the privatization of trains

Bhopal: The Modi government at the center has decided to hand over 100 pairs of trains in the railways to private companies. It is being strongly opposed by all opposition parties, including the Congress. Now Congress leader Digvijay Singh has attacked the Modi government on this issue. Digvijay Singh said that we had run 'Garib Rath' and they want to run 'Amir Rath'.

Releasing a video on his Twitter handle, Digvijay Singh said, "Congress had run Garib Rath,  BJP will run Amir Rath!" Tax of the public, infrastructure of government and profits of industrialists! Wah Modi ji! Wah! Senior Congress leader and former Madhya Pradesh CM Digvijay Singh said that this will affect the general public, as private companies will increase the price according to their own. And from time to time, the common people will have to face the problem regarding the rent.

Before Digvijay Singh, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi also questioned the government's decision. Rahul Gandhi had said that rail is the only lifeline of the poor and the government is snatching this from them as well. Whatever to snatch, snatch. But remember, the people of the country will give a befitting reply. In fact, the Ministry of Railways has asked for Request for Qualification (RFQ) to operate 109 pairs of private trains. The government hopes that this will increase investment in Indian Railways, as well as better facilities for passengers. It is expected to bring an investment of about 30 thousand crores.


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