Digvijaya Singh Projects Clear Majority for Congress in Madhya Pradesh
Digvijaya Singh Projects Clear Majority for Congress in Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal: Addressing the Madhya Pradesh exit poll findings, Congress leader Digvijaya Singh expressed on Thursday that the diverse nature of these results makes any concrete predictions uncertain.

"Exit poll outcomes display significant diversity, making it challenging to draw definitive conclusions. However, I am confident that the Congress will secure over 130 seats, ensuring a resounding majority in Madhya Pradesh," affirmed Digvijaya Singh.

Singh emphasized the electorate's desire for transformative change, citing the Congress's appeal for votes. He acknowledged the grassroots efforts of even the smallest party members within the Congress, highlighting public discontent with Shivraj Singh Chouhan and his unfulfilled promises.

Earlier assessments on Thursday presented a mixed picture for the states undergoing polls, with indications favoring the BJP in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, while projecting a distinct advantage for the Congress in Chhattisgarh and Telangana. Additionally, the exit polls hinted at the ruling MNF's lead in Mizoram.

While the majority of exit polls leaned towards the Congress in Telangana following the conclusion of polling, a few suggested a tight race in Rajasthan with the Congress in the lead. Furthermore, one poll indicated a favorable outcome for the Congress in Madhya Pradesh, while another forecasted a decisive victory for the Zoram People's Movement in Mizoram.

The release of exit poll outcomes coincided with the conclusion of polls in Telangana. A successful retention of Rajasthan coupled with victories in Chhattisgarh and Telangana over the ruling BRS would significantly uplift the morale of the Congress.

This month, five states underwent polling, with the counting scheduled for December 3. The elections in these northern, eastern, and southern states precede the upcoming Lok Sabha polls by several months.

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