Never buy furniture on this day otherwise you will become poor

Sep 18 2019 04:38 PM
Never buy furniture on this day otherwise you will become poor

It is said that in Hinduism, all days of the week are considered to have their own importance. In such a situation, furniture is the most important part of the house and nowadays people bring home furniture of new designs for home decoration. Let everyone tell you that if you do Hinduism scriptures, then furniture also causes happiness in the house, along with peace and profit, but for this, it is considered very important to take care of the day along with decorating the furniture and buying it.

Yes, because according to the scriptures, there is also a right day to buy furniture, with this, if you buy furniture on a wrong day, then the disturbance, negativity and money loss in the house become the cause of mental trouble. With this, today we are going to tell you some of the furniture related facts. According to Hindu scriptures, one should not buy furniture on Tuesday, Saturday and Amavasya and not only that, but no wood should be brought home in these days. Because it is said that it can increase Vastu defects in the house.

It is said that buying furniture on Mondays and Wednesdays is considered auspicious, because buying furniture on this day keeps the peace. It is always considered good to start wooden furniture starting from the south or west direction and ending in north or east direction. With this, if you want to succeed in business or business, you should use steel furniture instead of wood, and if the furniture is light, then you can keep it in the east or north direction. With this, keep heavy furniture in the south and west direction. It is said that there is no loss of money by doing this.

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