Are you also fond of making reels on Instagram, added two more new features

META has added two new features to the reels of its platform Instagram. The first feature is text to speech and the second is voice effects. Both these features can be used by the users who make reels. Both these features have their own benefits.

Text to Speech Work: As the name itself clearly suggests, text can be converted to speech. This feature can be of use to people who want to make Reels but don't want to give their voice to audio. With the help of this feature, such people will also be able to create artificial voices without giving their voices. This means that the reels will automatically give a voice to what the user types. You will be able to use text to speech in the manner described below:

1. First open the Instagram app and go to the reels section.

2. Now open the Instagram camera to create new Reels.

3. You can either create a Reels or upload a video from the gallery.

4. Now you have to go to the Text tool to write new text.

5. When you type your text, tap the Text to Speech option at the bottom.

6. Here you will find different options of voice. You can choose the voice of your choice.

How to use Voice Effects: Let us tell you that Instagram is giving a total of 5 voice effects. You can use these with converting audio into artificial voice. These include announcers, helium, joints, robots and vocalists. For this, you must first record a Reels and then tap the music note in the Audio Mixer. You'll see the Effects menu, where you can select different voices on your Instagram reel.

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