Read these points first if you are planning to change your career

Jan 24 2021 07:37 PM
Read these points first if you are planning to change your career

When your mind is not engaged in your job, some people want to change their jobs in case of not learning anything new, getting less salary, not getting work to suit your mood swings, etc. Many people think of career change at this crucial juncture. Think here that you want to change jobs or careers. Will your problems be solved in the new job? And if you've really chosen the option to change your career, it's a big step. Before you make a final decision, consider the following.

Before you make a career change, think about what you want to do? Evaluate your talent. Think about what you can do without payment. Don't move like sheep. Also, think, is the market ready to adopt the field you are thinking of going to? You need to know what the needs of the new field and its managers are. Take the decision only after knowing all this.

Check whether your personality, skills, qualifications and experience will be respected in the new field. Whether it fits a new career or not.  Your skills may not be completely in harmony with the new career. But it may be that it can be transferred to a new career. It can be used in a new career. For the case, if you have worked in the banking industry and now you want to work in accounts, your skills to play with numbers will definitely work for the new employer.

Research new field companies. What are the most prominent problems of that company and industry, can you solve it? Do you have the skills, knowledge and experience of connecting with those companies?

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