'Doctor Death' arrested who killed 100 people

Jul 30 2020 12:03 PM
'Doctor Death' arrested who killed 100 people

For the past several days, crime in the country has increased immensely. Meanwhile, the crime branch of the police's Narcotics Cell has taken the dreaded killer, Dr. Devendra Sharma, from Bapraula on Wednesday. He claims to have murdered over 100 truck drivers and taxi drivers so far and stopped counting after 100 murders. His crimes kept increasing day by day.

The police has declared him the name of Doctor Death, serial killer and the biggest executioner of Haryana. He was also associated with kidney racket spread in many states. He has illegally removed and transplanted the kidneys of about 125 people. Jaipur Police of Rajasthan was discovered in its parole jumping case. According to Crime Branch DCP Dr. Rakesh Powariya, Inspector Ram Manohar of Narcotics Cell received this information on 28 July. In which it was revealed that Devendra Kumar Sharma, a serial killer who was serving life imprisonment in the murder, jumped parole in January 2020, and is living in hiding in Bapraula, Delhi.

Under his supervision, the team of SI Shyam Bihari Saran, Havildar Ashok Nagar, Sanjay, soldiers Sumit, and Sunil took Dr. Devendra Kumar Sharma (62) into custody. According to the police, he was living in hiding here after marrying a widow. It tried to mislead the police. The Delhi Police contacted the Jaipur Police, and when informed about it, it blamed the truth. Jaipur police has been informed about this. Dr. Devendra Sharma has a BAMS degree, but he used to do surgery to extract and transplant the kidney. Jaipur police will come to Delhi to pick up the serial killer.

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