Doctor overturns vegetable selling woman's wheelbarrow

Indore: A video of a woman being assaulted is going viral on social media. The video is said to be from Bhanwarkuwa police station area of Indore city of Madhya Pradesh where a MBBS doctor turned the woman's potato and onion cart overturned in anger. He was assaulted. Police have arrested three criminals in the case. Investigation is underway.

The same is said that the only mistake of the woman and her son was that they asked the doctor to remove the car from the front of the cart. Enraged, the doctors called the staff from their clinic and first beat up the mother and son, then threw potatoes and onions on the road. The same indore case is of Bholaram Ustad Marg in Bhanwarkua police station area on Saturday night. Dwarka Bai and her son Raju, who set up a potato and onion cart here, were asked by the clinic's operator, Dr. Anil Ghai beat up.

The same video is now going viral on social media. Sub Inspector Thana Bhawarkuan DS Chauhan said that we have arrested 3 criminals. They are under interrogation. Doctors are being investigated for assaulting the vegetable woman. Tell me, a similar incident has come to light in Bhopal a few days ago.

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