This thing was swallowed 20 years ago, after knowing even the senses of doctors flew!

The news of strange things getting stuck in the stomach is heard every day. While China has seen a similar shocking case. Here, a strange thing was stuck in the stomach of a 51-year-old man and everyone was surprised when the CT was scanned by doctors.

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Indeed, the thing is that Li, who lives in Shenzhen city of Guangdong province, was tried to commit suicide 20 years ago because he was told he was suffering from HIV and that's why he was under stress and swallowed the toothbrush to commit suicide. 

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In June this year, when Lee had severe abdominal pain, he was admitted to the hospital and was scanned by doctors, a strange thing appeared to be trapped in his small intestine. When asked by doctors about this, he explained that he might have a 20-year-old toothbrush, which he swallowed to commit suicide. But the toothbrush has been removed from the stomach operated by doctors. According to doctor Liu, he must have been in the toothbrush Lee's stomach for many years and slowly went and stuck in his small intestine.

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