Trump always carries this 'nuclear football' with him, can destroy the world in a moment
Trump always carries this 'nuclear football' with him, can destroy the world in a moment

Washington: US President Donald Trump is visiting India three days from today. On February 24, he will travel to Ahmedabad. The news of Donald Trump's visit to India is in the news these days. The Gujarat government does not want to leave any stone unturned to welcome the trump. Preparations for their reception and security are on a war footing before US President Donald Trump and Melania Trump arrive in Ahmedabad. Tight arrangements are being made for security. Meanwhile, Trump's official helicopter 'Marine-One' has also reached Ahmedabad.

Apart from this, his team will also be together for the safety of Trump, but one particular thing is being discussed the most and that is 'nuclear football'. In fact, under Trump's protection, a briefcase called 'nuclear football' always carries an officer. This black top secret briefcase is considered to be the most powerful briefcase in the world, which can destroy the whole world in a moment. According to a report, US Presidents have codes of nuclear control wherever they go. The codes reside in the same briefcase.

It is claimed that along with these codes of US nuclear bomb attack, the complete plan and target of the attack is known. It is all written in the form of a book. In which codes are written confirming the nuclear bomb attack. Let me tell you that this briefcase contains alarms. In addition, there is an antenna inside the briefcase through which the President can interact instantly from anywhere in the world.

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