Old men more prone to Corona Virus than Women
Old men more prone to Corona Virus than Women

Corona's havoc in China is increasing day by day. Among the 44,672 patients suffering from this virus, the maximum age is above 80 years, which is 14.2 percent. This report is from the Chinese Center for Diseases and Prevention Centers. In fact, Chinese health officials recently released their first report on the effects of the corona, in which the records of 72,314 patients were analyzed and 44,672 confirmed corona cases were used for analysis. In this, according to age, the percentage of mortality in people between 10 and 39 years is 0.2. The report also said that men are more vulnerable to corona than women.

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In the case used for analysis (44,672) 1,023 people died, which is 2.3 percent. It was found that mortality also increases with age, so people of old age need to be careful with corona. The report revealed that children are comparatively safer than the elderly. Not a single child was found coronated until the age of nine. From 10 years to 39 years, the death rate was 0.2 percent.

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People who have heart and respiratory diseases, hypertension or diabetes were found to have higher percentage of mortality. Also, men are coming more than women in the grip of Corona. The death rate of men is 2.8 percent while that of women is 1.7 percent.

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