Don't take omicron lightly, too dangerous: Covid Expert Doctor

There have been many mutations of the corona virus so far. Now a new mutation has come among all these Omicron News, about which it is being said so far that it is mild to moderate. Although experts say that it is too early to say, because even when the corona started, most of the patients were recovering, but as the number of patients increased and its impact was visible. Amidst all this, cautioning about this new variant, Doctor of Internal Medicine of Medanta and Kovid Expert Dr Sushila Kataria said, 'There is no need to take it lightly. Too many mutations have happened, it is a kind of cluster mutation.

Along with this, he also said that, 'A lot has changed in the virus that came out of Wuhan. A virus has an average of 1000 genes, but 54 changes have occurred in Omicron, that is, 5% of the total genes have changed. At the same time, he further said, 'In such a situation, this mutation can be very dangerous or it can be a week due to so many changes. If it is a week then it will gradually infect everyone and create immunity in them.

Apart from this, he also said that, 'But it is too early to assess all this. When someone has corona, the first week is normal. The patient is admitted in the second week. In the third week, he reaches the ICU from the ward and in the fourth week he dies. Therefore, it is too early to say how dangerous this virus will be. We should keep an eye on this. The next 15 days are very important. "As the data keeps coming in, the situation will become clearer," he said. We saw in the second wave when the mild to moderate delta became severe and proved fatal. As the number of patients increases, then its accurate assessment will be possible.

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