Drone is set to become a delivery agent, These 4 cities to get air packages

Zypp Electric, a last-mile delivery service, has announced that it is entering the drone logistics market and has collaborated with TSAW Drones to do so. In the initial phase, the business expects to deploy 200 drones in four locations, according to a release.
These services will be available in all of Zypp Electric's cities, including Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Pune. All of the drones deployed, according to the business, will be fitted with smart lockers that can only be accessed with an OTP given by the client, ensuring safety of the contents during delivery.

These drones will be added to the company's fleet of electric scooters to carry medical, food, and grocery items over long distances and in steep terrains where road deliveries are difficult. Because long-distance, last-mile deliveries are now inefficient and sluggish owing to traffic congestion and a significant reliance on human drivers, the adoption of these drones for automated delivery might cut the time and expense of last-mile deliveries in half.

TSAW Drones is a start-up focused on integrating drones into logistics. The company has developed an end-to-end intelligent technology stack that comprises a smart ground control station (GCS), unmanned air traffic management (UTM), and AI-assisted smart fleet health monitoring for drones.

Akash Gupta, co-founder and CEO of Zypp Electric, stated that he is looking forward to making delivery more efficient and effective in numerous regions. "The best aspect is that drones are flying electric vehicles, and they will complement our ground fleet of e-scooters to transport medical, food, and grocery goods over vast distances in a fraction of the time required, as well as in steep terrains where road deliveries are more difficult."

TSAW Drones was also chosen as part of the EVolve Innovation Program with Venture Catalysts, an early-stage incubator, according to the business. The main purpose of the initiative is to help EV start-ups enhance last-mile logistics and the electric vehicle (EV) industry as a whole.

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