Eat hot radish parathas in cold weather
Eat hot radish parathas in cold weather

Well, people like to eat most radishes as salads. But some people, especially children, don't like radish much. In such a situation, it is wise to make radish parathas. These parathas are tasty as well as healthy.  So let's know how to make these delicious radish parathas.


To fill:
4 cups radish, grated
1 tsp oil + parantha to fry and oil
1/4 tsp celery
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
1 tsp ginger paste
2 green chillies, chopped
1 tsp red chilli powder
Garam Masala – 1/2 tsp
Dried mango powder - 1/2 tsp
salt to taste

For the outer surface:

1-1/2 cup wheat flour
2 tsp oil
salt to taste
1/2 cup water

Method: Take grated radish in a bowl and sprinkle salt in it and set aside for 10-15 minutes. Now squeeze all its water. Place the pan on medium heat and add a teaspoon of oil to it. When the oil is hot, add cumin seeds and celery, and take them to the cake. Add ginger dough, green chillies and squeezed radish. Add red chilli powder, mango powder and garam masala on top. Mix all of this well. Cook it until the water dries up. When cooked, turn off the gas and keep it cool.

Prepare to knead the dough when it is cooling. Add salt and oil and water to the dough and knead the soft dough. Leave this dough on for 15 minutes. Make a dough of dough and flatten it with your hands. Now add radish stuffed masala and add ghee or oil and bake paratha on the griddle.  Now you can give these hot radish parathas to the guests for breakfast with chutney or pickles.

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