These are world's most dangerous food items

There are many things around the world that one has to think about 10 times before eating. Today we are going to tell you about some of the things that people risk their lives by eating, but still, the taste of these dishes is so strong that those who eat them cannot live without them. Now we tell you about them.

1-Fugu (pufferfish) - Fugu (Pufferfish) is a Japanese dish and is a highly poisonous fish in Japan. It is said that special training is given to cook this fish. Not only that, if the chef fails to make it, a person can lose his life.

2-Clam (Blood clams) - The blood clam is eaten in China. It is said that if you fail to eat a blood clam dish, diseases like typhoid and hepatitis can occur.

3- Raw kidney beans - Red raw kidney beans contain a variety of poisonous elements. It can take anyone to the hospital. Not only that, eating undercooked kidney beans is considered more harmful than eating raw kidney beans.

4-Fried Brain Sandwich (Fried Brain Sandwich) - It is said that this sandwich is made from the brain of a cow or calf and has stopped making it now in view of its continuous side effects.

5-Bird's Nest Soup (birds nest soup) - This soup is the oldest and most expensive soup in the world. A cup of bird's nest soup is said to cost about $10,000. However, it is very harmful.

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