Egg Face pack: an instant unwanted facial hair remover

Aug 04 2019 08:08 PM
Egg Face pack: an instant unwanted facial hair remover

Unwanted hair on the face does not look good to any girl. You take a variety of treatments to remove it. The use of wax and thread to remove them also gives a lot of pain. But there are many other ways that you can get relief from your hair by adopting them. A special face pack made of eggs can help you overcome this problem. Let's know about it.

Egg White and Corn Flower Facepack
Egg white, i.e. Egg White works very effectively to get rid of unwanted hair. It is not only sticky but also freezes a thin layer on your face that helps to remove hair from your face. It does not re-use hair for a long time. Other than that, this face pack is mixed with sugar and corn floss, which makes it more effective.

How to use
Take an egg white, add sugar and corn floss to it. Stir until a smooth paste is formed. Place it in place of unwanted ones. Now let it dry. This will make it like a layer. Now remove that pack slowly with your little finger. Doing so will release unwanted hair from that location. Regular use of this pack will not bring unwanted hair again.

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