Eknath Shinde Announces Hike in Funds For Self-Help Groups
Eknath Shinde Announces Hike in Funds For Self-Help Groups

MUMBAI: In an effort to support Self Help Groups (SHGs) in Maharashtra, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde made a significant announcement on Friday. Instead of the previous amount of Rs 15,000, the SHGs will now receive Rs 30,000 under the state Rural Livelihood Mission. This boost aims to empower these groups and enhance their impact on the community.

Moreover, the hard work and dedication of the `community resource persons' in the SHGs will be duly rewarded. Previously receiving Rs 3,000 per month, they will now be entitled to Rs 6,000 per month. This decision comes as an acknowledgment of their valuable contributions and a means to motivate them further.

To facilitate these initiatives, a substantial allocation of Rs 163 crore will be earmarked. This financial commitment reflects the government's dedication to uplift the livelihoods of the people and foster sustainable growth in the region.

In addition to this, the welfare of contract workers will be taken into account. Their monthly wages will be increased by an appreciable 20 percent, recognizing their essential role in various sectors and ensuring their well-being.

Focusing on financial assistance, SHGs have been beneficiaries of loans worth Rs 11,771 crore disbursed through the banks. Impressively, 96 percent of these loans, provided under the Rural Livelihood Mission, have been successfully repaid. The remarkably low non-performing assets (NPAs) rate of only 4.31 percent signifies the responsible borrowing practices and the positive impact of these loans on the economic development of the state.

The commitment shown towards SHGs and their invaluable efforts stands as a testament to the government's vision of inclusive growth and prosperity for all in Maharashtra. With increased funds and support, the SHGs are poised to make an even greater difference in the lives of the people they serve.

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