Muzaffarpur: Rajnath Singh attacks Pakistan, says this over CAA and NRC
Muzaffarpur: Rajnath Singh attacks Pakistan, says this over CAA and NRC

Patna: The third phase of voting for the Bihar Assembly elections is going on, but before that the campaign is going on. Now Union Minister of Defense Rajnath Singh reached the election campaign in Muzaffarpur. While addressing there, he appealed to the people to vote in support of BJP candidate Suresh Kumar Sharma. With this, he said, 'We wanted that India should not be divided on the basis of Hindu and Muslim, but due to some forces and British conspiracy, our country was broken into two pieces. One became the country of Hindus, the other became the country of Muslims, Pakistan, but the Hindu brothers of our country said that if any of our Muslim brothers wants to live in India, then we will treat them like our family. Will maintain brotherhood. We will not discriminate against him. But what did Pakistan do? '

Along with this, he also said, 'What kind of oppression was perpetrated in Pakistan, whether Hindu or Christian. This story is not hidden from anyone. People were forced to come to India and you were also aware of the poverty that they had to spend here.

Apart from this, he also said, 'If our government is formed, whether it will be Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangla Desh, whatever Hindus, Sikh, Christian Jain Parsis will come from there. We will give citizenship in India, we will give them full right to live a life of honor. Had taken the promise that if the BJP government is formed then such a situation or we will create that a grand Ram temple should be constructed on the land of Ayodhya and now there is no need to tell where the grand Ram temple is being constructed there.

He further said, 'We were working as Jana Sangh even before we started the political journey as BJP. In every election manifesto, we used to say that if our government is formed, we will abolish Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir and Jammu and Kashmir will also have the same status as other states of India. Terrorism will soon be eliminated from Jammu and Kashmir. No power in the world can stop it.

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