Elephant teaches lesson to girl who want to take selfie, watch video here

Sep 14 2020 09:04 AM
Elephant teaches lesson to girl who want to take selfie, watch video here

At the moment, a video on social media is going viral and after watching it you will not be able to control your laughter. It can be seen clearly in this video that some girls have turned out on a picnic with their friends. Only then does the girls look at an elephant, which someone has placed in a big pit. The girls watching this reach there with their friends. At that moment, the elephant comes in the currency of seeing them. As if he is very friendly to everyone.

Thereafter, he tries to shake the hand from the girls with the help of proboscis. The girls also give their hands a message of friendship to the elephant. Only then does a girl want to capture this sight in her camera. He uses his mobile for this. The elephant does not like the girl taking selfie. Then, as soon as the girl thinks of recording from the phone, the elephant pushes her trunk so forcefully that the girl loses her balance.

However, she had her friend on her side. Because of this, she does not fall. Still the girl is hurt forcefully. While the phone is thrown away. At that moment, the elephant wants to harm the mobile with its trunk. In this regard, people say that the elephant has hatred against those who want to snatch his freedom. The elephant does not like that place at all and wants to get out of the pit. However, it is not successful. With this, this video is being liked a lot.

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