Elon Musk in White House? Trump Eyes Tesla CEO for Advisor Role
Elon Musk in White House? Trump Eyes Tesla CEO for Advisor Role

Former U.S. President Donald Trump is reportedly considering appointing Tesla CEO Elon Musk as an advisor if he wins the 2024 Presidential election. This news, shared by the New York Post and originally reported by The Wall Street Journal, suggests that Trump and Musk have been in talks about how Musk could provide guidance on issues such as the border, economy, and election integrity.

The discussions between Trump and Musk are still in the early stages, but the two have been speaking on the phone multiple times a month. This budding relationship also includes billionaire investor Nelson Peltz, who has discussed Musk's campaign to sway corporate leaders against supporting President Biden.

Elon Musk, known for his ventures with SpaceX and the social media platform X, has openly criticized President Biden and expressed his intention to remain politically independent. Despite his wealth and influence, Musk has declared that he does not plan to financially support any presidential candidate.

In March, Musk made it clear in a post on X that he is not donating to either candidate in the upcoming election. Historically, Musk has donated to both Republican and Democratic parties but has not heavily funded presidential campaigns. His contributions have been relatively balanced between the two parties over the years.

As Trump and Biden prepare for the November election, both face significant challenges. Biden is dealing with domestic issues and foreign policy challenges, particularly in Ukraine and Gaza, while Trump is contending with multiple criminal cases.

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