Employees miss Office Parties, Chai Stalls, Work From Home

A survey conducted on to know adopting Work From Home which took most of the year 2020 whether people miss going to their workplaces. The survey was carried out on respondents across levels and industries including IT, Internet, Hospitality, Human Resource from across three major metros cities Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi. Over 3,000 plus participants involved in the study. 

A WeWork year-end survey reveals that office parties, tea breaks, street food treats, meetings and even their office chairs, top the list of what people missed most about their workspace while working from home. When asked, "What is the one thing that everyone misses most about the office but won't say out loud", a majority of the respondents agreed that they miss office parties 'for the free beer'. Among the top responses, about 33 per cent (LinkedIn) of the respondents also said that a break from family drama is sorely missed, and around 23 per cent (Twitter), missed that one glimpse of their office crush when away. 

More than 40 per cent agree that the one thing they missed about the office but would rather not say it out loud is that they missed their tapri wali chai (local tea stall)", office chair, office lunch break are the most they miss. Deviation from monotony due to work from home is most people tell as reason to go back to work. 

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