EV Public charging stations falls under Commercial Tariff, Tamil Nadu

Dec 22 2020 11:25 AM
EV Public charging stations falls under Commercial Tariff, Tamil Nadu

Tangedco, Tamil Nadu has said Public charging stations for electric vehicles across the State would fall under the commercial tariff category while private charging stations (PCS) at homes will be under domestic tariff. In a latest order on the extension of power supply to public charging stations, Tangedco has said that the present tariff would be followed until TNERC decides appropriate tariff for the EV charging. 

“As per the Tamil Nadu Electric Vehicle Policy, 2019, the tariff applicable for domestic consumption shall be applicable for the private charging station at home under LT Tariff-IA. Typically, most of the slow charging or overnight charging for EV – two-wheelers, three-wheelers or small four-wheelers – may be done from this domestic service connection. Private charging in case of offices, malls, gated community and others can be done in the common supply with the LT Tariff-V of Tangedco,” said the TANGEDCO order. 

The order for the commercial charging facility states that service connection to the public charging stations, battery charging station and battery swapping station should be effected under HT/LT commercial tariff category. Also the order added, pointing to the revised guidelines for charging infrastructure for electric vehicles issued by the Union Ministry of Power dated October 1, 2019, every PCS would have an exclusive transformer with all related sub-station equipment, including safety appliance. 

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