Indian start-up to convert any Bike into an e-bike, one of the Best Innovations in 2020

Dec 11 2020 11:05 AM
Indian start-up to convert any Bike into an e-bike, one of the Best Innovations in 2020

‘Best Inventions’ annual list recognising 100 groundbreaking inventions in a particular year by the TIME magazine, has selected Indian bike start-up CLIP’s techological innovation to feature in this year list. CLIP is an option for anyone who is looking for an e-bike experience without ditching the favourite two-wheeler. 

It involves the addition of friction-drive motor which easily attaches to the front wheel of your bike and the roller helps to rotate the wheel and speeds user around faster than you could pedal. Even though it is lightweight, the CLIP can help riders gain speeds of up to 15 m.p.h. The CLIP range is sufficient enough to get most commuters to and from the office or the weekend rides across town and back. It’s also removable, user can charge it under the desk or at the destination. 

“To have one’s idea and work recognized by a seminal cultural touchstone like TIME is a pretty awesome thing to happen! I could not be more proud to be part of the brilliant CLIP team with Clément De Alcala, Eric Noziere, James La Vela, John Knipp, 10XBeta and thankful to CLIP’s early investors and partners to receive this honour within 2 years of the start of our exciting journey,” says Somnath Roy, CEO and co-founder of CLIP. The startup is aiming to create a positive impact, as much as possible, on Urban Congestion and GHG emissions.

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