Facebook and Instagram to make another big change soon, find out what the report says

Plans to eliminate META default and-to-end encryption for INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK Messenger by 2023. The well-known social media company merged INSTAGRAM chats and Messaging last year to create a Unified Messaging Platform for all its subsidiaries. So far, it has been revealed that users will be able to opt to activate E2EE for messages sent through Messenger and INSTAGRAM. That option is not turned on by default and is probably not going to be a default feature for some time in 2023. WHATSAPP, another messaging platform owned by META, is already supporting end-to-end encryption by default.

According to reports, it has been reported quoted that Meta's safety chief Antigon Davis has blamed concerns about the user's safety for the delay. Since E2EE means only senders and recipeants will see their conversations, Davis has said meta wants to ensure that it does not interfere with the platform's ability to help prevent criminal activity.

META mentioned in a blog post earlier this year that default sit-ins will be available on E2EE INSTAGRAM and Messenger in 2022. But now, since META 'wants to gain this right', Davis continued, saying the company plans to delay the launch of the feature by 2023. UK's online security bill will also be implemented in 2023, requiring an online platform to protect children from harm, as well as immediate action against the abuse content. It will be able to disrupt Facebook's plan to enable E2EE by default, as UK Home Secretary Priti Patel has previously criticized its use.

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