Facebook and Twitter to make big changes next month, you'll get these benefits

Twitter and Facebook are going to make some changes to their feature in the month of August. These changes can affect you. Twitter is going to turn off one of its features. It will be deactivated from the first week of August. Facebook is going to expand its flagship service. Which will benefit a large section. Let us know what are changes in Twitter and Facebook that you need to know.

Twitter's Fleet Feature:-
Twitter is now going to turn off the Fleet feature. In the fleet feature, the picture would automatically disappear or the text would be deleted within 24 hours. Twitter reported that most of the fleet feature was being used by people to enhance and promote their tweets. Through this, they were trying to highlight their tweet and establish communication with as many people as they can. Twitter will end the service on August 3. We are only deleting the Stories feature, he added. Senior twitter officials said there is no hesitation in removing it if it is not able to excite individuals.

Facebook to expand its payment:-
Tech Giant Facebook is going to expand the payment system for online retailers next month. The company has launched its own payment system in the market. In addition to Facebook and its Messenger, Facebook payments will also be added to other products WhatsApp and Instagram. According to media reports, Facebook Pay will be visible on the company's portal as well as on other platforms.

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