Facebook launches new feature in India, Know here

Jul 01 2020 04:31 PM
Facebook launches new feature in India, Know here

In the name of social media, the most widely used company Facebook has introduced a new feature for the Indian consumer, named Avatars. Through this feature, consumers can create their own animated avatar or character. Consumers will get options like a lot of faces and outfits to design a character. Before the company launched this feature in India, it was released in many countries. Facebook has said that the consumer has used social media platforms very much during the lockdown.

This is the reason why we have introduced the new avatar feature so that consumers can create their own animated avatar. The consumer has got facial, hairstyle and outfits support in this new feature. The company has further said that with the help of this feature, consumers can also create their face stickers and share it with their friends. Whereas to create your animated avatar, you have to first update the Facebook app. Open the app after updating it.

Go to the Comment option and click on the Smile button. Now you will get the Create Your Avatar option. Here you can create an avatar using skin color, hairstyle, and outfits according to your choice. You can also share your avatar on Facebook. At the moment, this feature has been introduced only for Android consumer. It is expected that the company will soon release this feature to the iPhone consumer.

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