Sibling arrested for demanding 5 lakh in lieu of admitting covid patient in AIIMS

Delhi Police has detained the siblings for demanding Rs 5 lakh in lieu of admitting a covid patient in AIIMS. The victim alleged that he had demanded Rs 5 lakh in return for admitting his wife fighting with Covid to AIIMS. The victim said he had given Rs 2 lakh 80 thousand to the culprit. But the criminal had not admitted the victim's wife to the hospital after receiving the money.

After which the victim complained about the entire case on the Covid Care Help Line of Delhi Police. Police action revealed that one of the relatives of the complainant, Ravindra Pal Singh (victim's brother-in-law), knew Bhushan Kumar. Ravindra Pal approached Bhushan Kumar to bring oxygen cylinders for his covid-stricken sister and Bhushan had sent the cylinder as a human being. On April 30, Ravindra Pal Singh contacted Bhushan again and sought help to get his sister admitted to a hospital as her condition was critical.

The accused gave another woman's number: It is learnt that Bhushan contacted Pankaj Kumar who works in the lab of AIIMS. Pankaj said it is very difficult to admit a patient to a hospital at present. But if the aggrieved parties spend some money, it may be possible. After some time, the accused Pankaj told Bhushan that the patient could be admitted to a hospital for Rs 5 lakh. Pankaj also gave Bhushan the number of a woman named Mamata. Bhushan handed over the number to the victim's son. When the victim's son contacted Mamata. Meanwhile, the victim was admitted to Safdarjung Hospital.

Demand for Rs 5 lakh in the name of hospitalization: According to reports, the victim's son called the girl named Mamata and Mamata had demanded Rs 5 lakh in the name of being admitted to Safdarjung Hospital. The complainant then gave Rs.2.80 lakhs to mamata criminals. When the case came to the notice of the police, the details of Pankaj and Mamta were collected from AIIMS Hospital and traced the location and found that the two were present in Mandi area of Himachal Pradesh.

After which a police team was formed and left to nab the culprits. When the police reached Mandi, it was found that both Pankaj and Mamta were sister brothers. Mamata and Pankaj have been taken into custody by Delhi Police.

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