Farmers are feeding hemp to chickens, know why they are doing this?

Farmers in Thailand are feeding cannabis to their chickens to protect them from antibiotics. In the north of Thailand, farmers with poultry farms in the northern city of Lampang have launched a pot-poultry project (PPP) at the behest of experts. The project has been initiated at the behest of experts from the Department of Agriculture of Chiang Mai University. The first report about this was published in Na Nation Thailand.  

The farmers said they had got their chickens antibiotics. But even after that, the chickens got a disease called Avian bronchitis. Thereafter, these chickens were put on a cannabis diet under PPP. There are some farms here, which have licenses to grow cannabis. They had to see what benefits hemp had on the health of chickens.

In the PPP experiment, more than 1000 chickens were given different doses of hemp in different quantities. So that the different effects on them can be seen. Some of them were given leaves directly, while some were given by dissolving bhang in water. Thereafter, scientists were keeping a constant watch on the chickens. What difference is it making to the growth, health of chickens and the meat and eggs they get? Experts have not yet published any data on this experiment, but they claim that only a few of the chickens who were fed hemp are getting avian bronchitis disease. That too in small quantities. The experiment did not have any effect on the meat from the chickens. Nor was there any change in the behavior of the chickens. The locals cooked the hemp-eating chickens and ate them with rice, but they also did not face any problem. Now after the success of this experiment, many farmers are coming forward by themselves and joining the project of feeding bhang to their chickens. Farmers want that if chickens can be protected from antibiotics and diseases without any harm from cannabis, there is no harm in it. Thailand has relaxed its rules on cannabis a little this month. Thailand is the first country in Asia to decryminalize cannabis. But there is a severe punishment for consuming cannabis in any other way.  

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