Symbol of hope in a nation that revered him as nothing short of a GOD, know his struggle

Apr 24 2021 09:35 AM
Symbol of hope in a nation that revered him as nothing short of a GOD, know his struggle

The legendary Team India batsman, known as the 'God of Cricket', is celebrating his 48th birthday today. We are talking about a period when there were no cricket formats like the Indian Premier League (IPL), T20, but still, the intoxication of cricket used to go up on people's heads. This was the period when traffic on the roads stopped to watch Sachin's batting, people in offices stopped work and turned on TV or radio, everyone in the house, whether female or male, child or old, all sat in front of the TV as if Sachin were members of his own house and playing for Team India When the prayers started, the children would jump on every shot of the master-blaster. This was the time when Sachin and cricket had become synonymous with each other. Today, when this pride of India is celebrating its 48th birthday, let us tell you some unexplored aspects of the life of our favorite player.

I will play:-


16-year-old Tendulkar's first Test match, Pakistani bowlers like Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Imran Khan, whose balls also frightened even the big batsmen. India had lost four wickets and it was the fifth day of the match, Waqar Younis in front and Sachin on strike. The first ball came and went off Sachin's ear fast, Tendulkar didn't understand anything. Sachin, 16, and a ball of about 150 per hour was the third ball bouncer of the same over, which hit Sachin's nose and started bleeding from his nose, soon the stretcher from Team India had come on the field, to take him out, meanwhile, when Sachin was told by his senior player Navjot Sidhu that he could go to the dressing room if he wanted to The 16-year-old replied, "I'll play, I'll play". It was the little Sachin's belief that he would play for his country and in the very next over he hit Imran khan for a boundary to show that India had got a stupid and combative batsman.

Sachin comes in my dream:-


In 1998, Sachin had matured and was on a tour of Australia, India. Sachin was responsible for spoiling the line length of legendary spinner Shane Warne. The way Sachin had bowled the Australian bowlers on the tour can be gauged from the way he scored 621 runs in seven ODIs at an astonishing average of 88.71 with the help of four centuries against Australia. In the same three Tests, he scored 446 runs with the help of two centuries at an average of 111.5. After the same tour, spin wizard Shane Warne said in an interview that Sachin Tendulkar is seen hitting sixes over my head off in his dream. 

Crying heart, but the team won :-


This is the story of the 1999 World Cup. India had lost their first match to South Africa.  Now losing was a threat to India to lag behind and India was to play their next match against Zimbabwe.  Zimbabwe used to be a strong team in that era.  But ahead of the match against Zimbabwe, there was bad news that Sachin Tendulkar's father Ramesh Tendulkar had passed away. He immediately returned to India. Team India played without Sachin and lost to Zimbabwe in the match. India's next match was against Kenya and the entire country was looking forward to Sachin to save the team from being dropped, while Sachin wrote a new record of dedication.  He cremated his father and immediately joined the team and scored a stormy 140 off 101 balls against Kenya to give India a 94-run victory. After this century, he raised his bat to the sky and dedicated the century to his late father.


When Sachin played for Pakistan:-

This is the story of 1987, sachin was yet to arrive in Team India. He had not played a single international match. The Pakistani cricket team was on a tour of India at that time and the Pakistan team, captained by Imran Khan, took on India in a festival match at the Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai.  There was an occasion during the match when Javed Miandad and Abdul Qadir went out to rest after lunch, but this reduced the fielders to the Pakistani team. Sachin was then sent to the field for Pakistan in his place and the Pak captain fielded him at long-on. Even today, very few people know that Sachin once fielded for Pakistan as well.



Sachin is the only player in the world to play 200 international Tests.  Not only Test, but he also holds the record for most international ODIs in the world, Sachin has played 463 ODIs. Sachin holds the record for most centuries in cricket, scoring 51 in Tests and 49 in ODIs. Master Blasters are also at the forefront in terms of runs. He has scored 18,426 runs in ODIs and 15,921 runs in Tests. Today, on this great player's birthday, we wish him a lot of good luck.

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