FIFA 2018: This family was cheered the players of the opposition country
FIFA 2018: This family was cheered the players of the opposition country

The game is not bound to the boundary of the country, it was found in the match between Spain and Iran. An Israeli family seemed to be constantly cheering for Iran during the match. Significantly, Israel has not been able to qualify for this World Cup. It is very surprising to know that Israeli family's supported the Iran team. That too when most Israelis see Iran with the eyes of an enemy country.

Nearly 20 people from the Haseed family endorsed Iran in the match till the end. Even when Iran was cheering 0-1, their voice did not go down. The head of this family is 84 years old and represents the Israeli-Iranian community. He is a contractor in Jerusalem and came to Israel in 1966 from Iran's territory.

He said that there was not a single time in sixty years when he did not remember his old country (Iran). Hassid's family chief also said that he hopes that the leaders of Israel and Iran should sit down next year and talk about their differences. They should try to remove the distance between them. Significantly, the Cold War is continuing between Israel and Iran on Gaza. The Gaza militants have open support of Iran. Iran's Nuclear Program also always keeps eye on the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad.

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