Find out these unheard stories of the heroic saga of 'CDS Bipin Rawat'

"We do nothing alone for the security of the country, every soldier of ours is a partner in it. Not only that, every citizen of India does something for the country. CDS Bipin Rawat, who has made every effort to empower The Indian Army, said this not only for a single jawan but also for every citizen of the country who is proud to see India's 'Tiranga'. Bipin Rawat, the name of the Indian Army who added the Indian army to the link that every enemy of India should tremble as soon as he hears the name of India. The passing away of bipin rawat, a CDS who became the strength of the world famous Indian Army for his valour, has spread mourning all over the country. In fact, bipin Rawat, his wife and several other officials were about to attend a function at around 1 pm yesterday when news of his helicopter crash came to the fore, burning the anxiety in the minds of every countryman. CDS Bipin Rawat, an example of bravery, named his entire life as the security of the country.

Childhood of Bipin Rawat:-
Bipin Rawat was born on March 16, 1958 in Dehradun. Bipin Rawat's father LS Rawat was also in the army and was known as Lt Gen LS Rawat. His childhood was spent among the soldiers and his early studies were held at St. Edward's School, Shimla. After that he joined the Indian Military Academy and moved to Dehradun. Here, in view of his performance, he received the first letter of honour which was awarded SWORD OF HONOUR. Thereafter, he made up his mind to study in the US and moved to the US where he graduated at the Service Staff College. He also did a high command course.

Bipin Rawat joins Indian Army:-
Bipin Rawat returned from the US and then made up his mind to join the Army. He succeeded in his efforts on December 16, 1978. He was included in the 5th Battalion of Gorkha 11 Rifles. This is where his military journey began. Here, Bipin Rawat ji got an opportunity to learn many rules of the Army and also understood how he should do a teamwork. Bipin Rawat had said in an interview that in his life he has not been able to learn what he taught while living in Gorkha. Here he understood the Army policies and worked in the formulation of policies. While in Gurkha, he also served as Logistics Staff Officer in several Army Crops, GOC-C, Southern Command, IMA Dehradun, Military Operations Directorate.

Many awards have been received:-
Bipin Rawat ji has also received a variety of awards in the Army while in the Army. They have got tax medals in the Army using their skills properly while learning war policy. We are going to give details of all those medals in the introduction point below. He has received many awards in his 37-year Army career and it is not possible to make a list of them all.

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