First death due to swine flu in Madhya Pradesh, case came out from Mhow

Feb 03 2020 02:06 PM
First death due to swine flu in Madhya Pradesh, case came out from Mhow

Bhopal: The first case of death due to swine flu disease has come to light in Madhya Pradesh in the new year. Samples of 29 suspected patients have been taken from many hospitals since January 1. Two of these patients have been found positive. In the latest case, a woman living in Mhow died of swine flu in her house on January 24. He was admitted to a private hospital on 11 January.

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The family took him home against the doctor's opinion by discharging him. The negligence of the Health Department has been revealed in this entire case. According to the directive of the government, the swine flu patient should be kept under special surveillance so that there is no risk of spreading the infection, but the health department got information about the woman's discharge after death.

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As a precaution, department officials also investigated the family of the woman. Its report is negative. IDSP branch in-charge of the Health Department, Dr. Santosh Sisodia has told that on receiving information, samples were taken for examination of the female patient. On the second day, the woman was confirmed to have swine flu from the Medical College Virology Lab. Samples were also sent to Bhopal. Swine flu was confirmed from there on the third day. The woman was kept on ventilator only.

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