First he was invited by invitation and then as soon as he got the chance the young man shot his friend
First he was invited by invitation and then as soon as he got the chance the young man shot his friend

In a shocking incident in the Pipal village of Prayagraj district, a young man was fatally shot after being lured under the pretext of a dinner invitation. The victim, identified as Kunal Bharatiya, was rushed to the hospital, and the police swiftly apprehended two suspects involved in the shooting.

The Disturbing Incident

On Sunday evening, near Tulaipur in Bahariya, a youth emerged onto the street, screaming for help with blood streaming from his head. Identified as Kunal Bharatiya, a resident of Pipal village near the airport area, he narrated a harrowing tale of being shot. An ambulance was summoned promptly, and he was admitted to SRN Hospital.

Friend Turned Foe

According to Kunal, his friend Ravi Pasi from Umarpur Neevan in Dhoomanganj invited him for a gathering on the evening of November 12, Diwali. Under the guise of a celebration, Ravi took him to Tulaipur in Bahariya, accompanied by Abhishek Kumar. However, the situation took a dark turn when Ravi snatched Kunal's mobile phone, leading to a confrontation and ultimately a violent attack.

The Attempted Murder

Amidst the scuffle, Ravi allegedly fired a gunshot at Kunal, leaving him injured. The bullet grazed Kunal's head, prompting him to flee and seek help on the road, where he raised an alarm. With a crowd gathering, an ambulance transported Kunal to the hospital. The Bahariya police recorded Kunal's statement and registered a case against Ravi Pasi, Abhishek Kumar, and three others.

Police Swift Action

The police wasted no time and apprehended Ravi Pasi and Arvind Singh in connection with the shooting. The investigation revealed a possible motive rooted in an illicit relationship suspicion. Ravi Pasi, who had been incarcerated for some months, allegedly conspired to eliminate Kunal due to his newfound closeness with a woman during Ravi's absence.

Unraveling the Conspiracy

Bahariya police chief Yogendra Prasad Patel disclosed that Ravi, during his imprisonment, befriended Sudhir, an inmate with a history of criminal activities. Sudhir, currently incarcerated, became the link between Ravi and his associates, Arvind and Dhananjay. Ravi sought their help in plotting Kunal's murder, but their plan was foiled by Kunal's escape and the swift police response. In a significant development, Ravi and Arvind have been remanded to judicial custody, facing charges of attempted murder. The police continue their efforts to locate the remaining suspects involved in this chilling conspiracy. This disturbing incident highlights the vulnerability of personal relationships and the potential for violence stemming from jealousy and suspicion. The police's quick response in apprehending the culprits underscores the importance of efficient law enforcement in maintaining public safety.

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