Iran accused, 5 missiles fired at US embassy
Iran accused, 5 missiles fired at US embassy

Baghdad: Rocket strikes near US embassy in Iraq's capital Baghdad. The investigation has revealed that five rockets have been fired near the US Embassy. There is no information about anyone being injured or killed in the attack. However, so far no one has claimed responsibility for this attack. In the past, there have been attacks whose allegations have been leveled against Iran.

According to sources, Apple received information, two rockets were fired a few days ago near the US embassy in Green Zone in Baghdad. The Green Zone is in central Baghdad, where government buildings and diplomatic embassies are located. Let us tell you that since the death of Iranian military commander Qasim Sulemani in the air strike, tensions between Iran and America have increased continuously in the region.

It is also being said that on the other hand, the anger of the people against the Iraqi government in Baghdad is not being named. At the same time, there has been a lot of tension in Iraq due to the manner of functioning of the government and the continuous demonstrations of the US security forces in the country for several weeks.

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