VIDEO: Hungry crocodile chases customers outside restaurant, and then...
VIDEO: Hungry crocodile chases customers outside restaurant, and then...

Every day around the world, something is very unique. One such case has come to light from Florida. Yes, in fact, a video here is going viral. As part of the information received, a crocodile chased customers through the parking lot of a restaurant here. In this regard, the Lee County Sheriff's Office says, "The deputy was told that a six-foot crocodile was chasing customers outside Wendy's outlet. The police then picked him up and took him away. ''

Now the videos and photos of the time are going viral on social media. 'The six-foot gator chased pedestrians through Wendy's parking lot,' the Lee County Sheriff's Office tweeted. The department joked, 'Maybe he wants a cheese burger. But he had frightened people with his actions. Tell all of you that about 1 in Florida. There are 25 million crocodiles and are often seen roaming around golf courses, mud and other open spaces.

According to the New York Post, wildlife officials say, 'The crocodile was probably trying to move from one place to another when its path was cut off in Wendy's parking lot. ''You can see Twitter users thanked the police for capturing the crocodile and commented that it is like a daily incident. The same Twitter user wrote, 'This happens every day in Florida. At the same time, another user wrote, "Such incidents are often seen here, but some of these sentences are very fun. ''

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