This person serves flying dosa directly in customers' plate, Watch video

Feb 19 2021 12:12 PM
This person serves flying dosa directly in customers' plate, Watch video

A dosa maker from Mumbai has come into the discussion. This dosa maker has become a centre of attraction in Mumbai. This person makes dosa for the customers first and then tosses the dosa in the air. The thing to be seen during this is that the dosa doesn't fall somewhere else but directly into the customer's plate. People are very fond of this way of serving dosa. This dosa maker is at Mangal Market in Kalba Devi area of Mumbai.

There is a shop called Shri Balaji Dosa Factory, in which the person is making dosa. The name of the person is Shiva who was making a dosa like this one and a half years ago. Since then, Shiva slowly started serving dosa in the air. Till date he is doing so. Today, Shiva's dosa is called flying dosa.

The assistants who work with Shiva state, 'There is always a need to be ready to catch this flying dosa in a plate, one has to be very alert, the eye is on the flying dosa if the dosa plate is missed a little, it can fall to the ground. The owner of a shop called Shree Balaji Dosa Factory is Dinesh. He said, 'It has been many years since his shop started here, but since his activist named Shiva has come and started serving flying dosa, about 25% of their customers have increased.'

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