Recipe: During winter make this tasty laddoo to stay health

Jan 20 2020 12:27 PM
Recipe: During winter make this tasty laddoo to stay health

Today we are going to share with you to keep the health of the women healthy in the winter, with the help of which you can get healthy for the whole year. We are talking about the Gond laddoo. You will get great benefits in your health by consuming Gond laddoo. So let's know about the method of making it 

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Material required:

200 gm flour
1 cup- cow ghee
1 cup - ground sugar
1 cup - eating gum (Gond)
50 grams - chopped cashews
50 grams - chopped almonds
50 grams- melon seeds

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Method of preparation: Firstly heat the pan on the gas, add ghee to it, then add gond to it and fry it on medium flame. When the gond starts to turn golden brown, turn off the gas. Then cool the gond and grind it or you can grind it in a grinder. After this, heat the ghee by placing the pan on the gas again. Then add flour to it and fry it on low heat. But keep in mind that the flour should not be burnt at all. Allow the dough to heat up lightly. After this, put the glue, cashew nuts, almonds and melon seeds in the flour and turn off the gas. Then take this mixture out of the pan and keep it to cool. Now mix the powdered sugar in the flour and gond mixture and make round laddoos. In this way, 1 turmeric and nutritious properties of gond laddoo are prepared for you for winter. Women can do a lot to keep themselves healthy during this winter season.

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