This Christmas make delicious donuts at home, know the recipe

Dec 03 2019 10:50 PM
This Christmas make delicious donuts at home, know the recipe

Children like to eat the food of the market and donut is one of them.  Donuts are excellent in eating as well as are very attractive in appearance. Then whether it is wrapped in cinnamon and sugar, even if the chocolate is glazed. Eating donuts outside daily can be harmful for your children. So this Christmas, prepare soft and crunchy donuts at home. Learn the method of making it.

necessary ingredients

Refined flour - 1 cup

Ist - 1 teaspoon

Sugar - 1/3 cup (to be ground into the flour)

Salt - 2 pinches

Baking Powder Half a teaspoon

Butter - 1 tbsp

Refined oil for frying

To top half a cup of powdered sugar

Method of preparation: Firstly soak the Ist in lukewarm water. Now sieve the flour and mix soft flour with butter, sugar, salt, baking powder, and Ist. Then take a big thick roti of that dough, and cut it round with a donut cutter or a glass, cut the middle and make a shape of donut. Likewise prepare all donuts. Then cover it and keep it for four hours or until the donut flower becomes thick. Now heat oil in a pan and fry the donut till it becomes golden from both the sides. Then apply powdered sugar from the top. If you want, you can also apply chocolate and cream on the donut.

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