For which field Iqbal Samman is given in Madhya Pradesh?
For which field Iqbal Samman is given in Madhya Pradesh?

Q-Which was the main city for the Chandela rulers in Madhya Pradesh?


Q-Which types of forests are found in Madhya Pradesh?

Ans- Tropical

Q-The lighthouse built by Heliodorus was in MP. Where is it located?

Ans- Vidisha

Q- In which mountain range of Madhya Pradesh is the origin of Tapti river?

Ans- The hill of Satpura

Q-When was the Panchayat Raj Act implemented in Madhya Pradesh?

Ans-25 January, 1994

Q- At which of the following places Madhya Pradesh's first Ratna Refining Center has been established?


Q-In which city of Madhya Pradesh is the country's only tribal university?

Ans- Amarkantak

Q- In which area of ​​Madhya Pradesh mainly copper comes out?


Q- In the year 1947, the territories of Central India were divided into how many parts?


Q- Which group of districts produces maximum mustard in Madhya Pradesh?


Q-The sites related to the Chalcolithic culture are near to whom?


Q-M.P. What is the rank of India in terms of population density?


For which field is Iqbal Samman given in Madhya Pradesh?

Ans-Creative Urdu writing

 Q-Where is the railway spring manufacturing factory located in Madhya Pradesh?


Q- On which of the following river Maheshwar project has been built?


Q-Which company has established the cement factory located in Satna?

Ans-Birla Corporation

Q- In which tribe Lamsena marriage system is prevalent in Madhya Pradesh?

Ans- Baiga

Q- In which city Akashvani was started in Madhya Pradesh?

Ans- Indore

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