Forced religious conversion and  extortion in Gujarat, 2 arrested
Forced religious conversion and extortion in Gujarat, 2 arrested

Palanpur:  On Monday, the Banaskantha police detained two people for their alleged role in coercive religious conversion and their demand for extortion money from three family members.

Five Muslim family members namely Sohil Shaikh, Sattar Abdul Haji, Alam Shaikh, Mustufa Shaikh, and Ezaz Shaikh, have been named in a criminal complaint. A petition was filed before the High Court on behalf of Chandrika Solanki, her daughter, and son, appealing for permission to live apart from their family. All five accused individuals are accused of luring the three members of a Hindu family to convert to Islam.

After that, the five accused began pressuring Chandrika's husband, Haresh Solanki, to either accept Islam and live with his wife, daughter, and son as a Muslim family or pay the accused Rs 25 lakh so that Chandrika, her daughter, and son could live with Haresh again as a Hindu family.

In his complaint, complainant Rajesh Solanki said that because of this incident, his brother Haresh had gone into depression and on Saturday afternoon he allegedly committed suicide by consuming poison. Haresh is currently undergoing treatment.
Rajesh claims that Sohil, the primary accused, got friends with Haresh's daughter two years ago, when she was completing her graduation from a college in Rasana.

\After this both fell in love and Sohil clicked compromising photos of Haresh's daughter using which he threatened her to get converted to Islam. The accused Sohil visited Haresh's family members frequently and brainwashed his son and wife Chandrika so that they began performing namaz at home as well.

The three of them parted ways with their entire family one day and began living apart, but the family was largely unaware of their locations.

Sohil and four other people have been the subject of a criminal complaint from the Palanpur police for aiding in suicide, extortion, and criminal intimidation. B.G. Suthar, a police sub-inspector, is looking into the case.

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