Former MLA's hooliganism beat up laborers on the middle of the road

New Delhi: A video of a Congress leader making South MCD workers a 'rooster' and then scolding them in the country's capital Delhi is currently going viral on social media. Moreover, when former Congress MLA Mohammad Asif Khan was not even touched, he started kicking and beating the workers with sticks. Surprisingly, in the meantime, vehicles and people continued to move along that way, while some stood up to watch Netaji's spectacle. While the Delhi Police car was also seen passing by, no one even tried to stop Netaji. However, someone made a video and made it viral on social media. Meanwhile, Delhi Police has registered a case against the Congress leader on the basis of viral video.

In fact, the video is said to be that of Congress leader and 2-time MLA from Okhla Asif Khan. He is holding about four people hostage in a way and made them tremendous 'cocks'. Not only that, he also started abusing and abusing with kicks and sticks. The video clearly shows him kicking the workers himself and attacking them with his hand. Meanwhile a worker is giving case information to someone on the phone.

According to the viral video, former MLAs are shouting abuses and saying that aam aadmi posters are not torn, only Congress posters are torn. While he is also seen beating the worker with a stick in his hand. The Congress leader's words seem to suggest that perhaps the case is linked to electoral hoardings.  While it is learnt that Asif Mohammad Khan was a Congress MLA from Okhla till 2015, he lost to Aam Aadmi Party's Amanatullah Khan in the assembly elections.

Wasim Akram Tyagi, a Delhi-based journalist, shared a video of the case and wrote, 'The elder brother is in the BJP, the Governor of Kerala. While he has also been a 2-time Congress MLA from Mahasaya Okhla. If there is any award for rudeness, abuse, status in politics, the name of this former OKHLA MLA is going to be Sar-e-Fehrist.  With whom he tagged the Congress and Rahul Gandhi, he wrote that the abuser should be taken out of the Congress.


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