Former SP MLA received threat to life during train journey, five arrested

Jul 22 2019 01:18 PM
Former SP MLA received  threat to life during train journey, five arrested

Bhopal: The Indian Railways often remain in discussions for some reason or the other. Sometimes, the Indian Railways is often questioned because of the safety of the passengers, but this time the matter is even more serious. Because this time the matter is related to the former MLA. In fact, the former MLA of Madhya Pradesh was recently travelling in the Gondwana Express. Meanwhile, some crooks entered their coach and threatened to kill him. To save his life, former MLA Dr. Sunilam locked himself in the train toilet.

After which Dr. Sunilam wrote a complaint on Twitter, in which he wrote, "the young man screamed and threatened to kill him. He is accompanied by a girl named Aarti. Says my father is in jail in Murder 2. In another tweet, he said, "I have also tweeted to the Railway Minister. Advise whom else to inform.'

According to the information received, Sunilam was on a journey from Delhi to Multai on July 15 when a young man, who had climbed into a bogie with a young girl from Bina around 12.30 p.m., started abusing her and threatened to kill her. The young man had also invited some people to Bhopal station to threaten Dr. Sunilam. During this time, Sunilam entered the bogie's toilet and locked the door inside. The former MLA had also complained to the Railway Minister and PM Narendra Modi in the case. After which the matter was raised in Parliament also. Five persons have been arrested for indecent conduct against Dr. Sunilam. The accused have been arrested by the GRP with the help of CCTV footage.

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