French PM presents new govt's programme to legislators

PARIS: French prime minister Elisabeth Borne presented members of the National Assembly a presentation on the policy agenda of her new government.

Borne stated that "finding compromises" in political life will be one of her key objectives. Despite "divisions," she stated that every conviction and opinion must and may be discussed. She addressed the deputies, "A new page in politics is opening, and we are going to write it together."

The prime minister promised in the government's agenda to increase employment, stimulate consumer spending, hasten the ecological transition, and give the economy, health, and energy top priority. "We need to stop thinking that taxes are the solution to all problems. no rise in tax "She emphasised.

Borne added that in order to stop relying on other nations for electricity, her government intended to own "100%" of the capital of the French multinational electricity utility EDF. The prime minister said, "In 2026, we must begin to reduce the debt, and in 2027, we must cut the deficit below 3%.

After rearranging his Cabinet for the second time in six weeks, President Emmanuel Macron announced the development a few days earlier.

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