Gehlot Allocates Rs.146 crore in financial aid to orphaned children
Gehlot Allocates Rs.146 crore in financial aid to orphaned children

Rajasthan Chief Minister Gehlot Allocates Rs.146 Crore for Financial Aid to Orphaned Children.  In a dedicated effort to provide support to the public, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot of Rajasthan took a significant step on July 3 by disbursing Rs.146.74 crore as financial assistance to the beneficiaries of Palanhar Yojana. This scheme aims to benefit orphaned children and those primarily raised by their relatives, acquaintances, and family friends.

The direct transfer of benefits took place during a function held at Gehlot's official residence, encompassing Rs.59.38 crore for June, benefiting 5.92 lakh recipients, and Rs.87.36 crore for July, reaching 5.91 lakh beneficiaries. Despite recuperating from toe injuries at home, Gehlot interacted with the beneficiaries through video conferencing across multiple districts.

Expressing his dedication towards the welfare of children, Gehlot highlighted his government's efforts to increase the assistance amount for various categories of children under the Palanhar Yojana. Notably, the scheme was initially introduced by the previous Bharatiya Janata Party government. Gehlot emphasized his commitment to building upon the good work initiated by others, unlike the BJP, ensuring continuity in welfare schemes even after a change in government. He further pointed out that the allocation for the scheme remained unchanged during former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje's tenure.

With the enhanced assistance amount, the Chief Minister acknowledged the additional burden of Rs.300 crore on the State exchequer for this year. However, he emphasized that the increased allocation within Palanhar Yojana would guarantee comprehensive care, protection, and education for children who have lost their parents.     Gehlot firmly believes that these children will play a crucial role in the State's future progress.

Recognizing Ms. Raje's vision to support orphans and other children affected by adverse circumstances,     Gehlot applauded the Palanhar Yojana as a "unique initiative" that has been further strengthened under his government. He stressed the collective responsibility of ensuring that every eligible child benefits from the scheme.

In a strategic move ahead of the Assembly elections, Gehlot incorporated the BJP's 'Labharthi' concept with the aim of reaching out to individual beneficiaries across different schemes. The ruling Congress party hopes that increasing the payout will serve its political objectives.

Highlighting the Congress government's ten ongoing public welfare schemes, which continue to register beneficiaries at relief camps throughout the State since April 24, Gehlot urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to enact legislation on social security. He expressed his belief that such a law would provide relief to millions of impoverished individuals nationwide.     Gehlot referred to similar legislative measures on the right to food, employment, education, and information taken by the previous UPA government.

Gehlot also reaffirmed his unwavering commitment to serving the people of the State until his last breath, regardless of whether he holds office.

In addition to orphaned children, the Palanhar Yojana extends financial assistance to other eligible individuals, including children whose parents have received sentences of death or life imprisonment, children of widows receiving a pension, children of parents affected by HIV/AIDS, leprosy, and silicosis, as well.

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