Answer these questions to check your General Knowledge

Sep 08 2019 07:56 PM
Answer these questions to check your General Knowledge

1. The lunar eclipse occurs when-
Answer: Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon.

2. Between which places were the first railway line started by the British rule -
Answer: Between Mumbai and Thane

3. The national animal of India is
Answer: Tiger

4. Indian Air Force has the shortest post of a commissioned officer.
Answer: Pilot Officer

5. Which military recognition of India is given for courage and valor in war.
Answer: PVC

6. The largest continent of the world is-
Answer: Asia

7. What is the reason for different seasons
Answer - Revolutions of the Earth around the Sun

8. By what name is the atmospheric layer farthest from the earth's surface?
Answer: Year Division

9. The CM Trophy is related to -
Answer: Football

10. Alla Rakha was famous for which musical instrument?
Answer - Tabla

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General Knowledge: These questions are important for examination

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