Get your hands on luxurious skincare products by e’clat Superior with 40% discount
Get your hands on luxurious skincare products by e’clat Superior with 40% discount

‘Festive Offers', ‘Holiday Sale’ ‘End of Season Discounts’, etcetera are the golden words that make every consumer's day a thousand times better. Every festival a customer eagerly waits for their favourite brand to come up with exciting sale offers. Like every other festivity, this Diwali also luxury skincare brand e’clat Superior came up with a special festive discount. The brand's motive to launch this sale is to help people restore their skin’s radiance because in the midst of the festive season chaos it becomes quite challenging to follow a long routine and therefore one can easily #getreadywithe’clat.

This year e’Clat Superior’s mega festive discount offers a great discount that gives a flat 40% off on every purchase. With that, they also have another amazing deal for their customers in which they get one sunscreen serum free with every purchase which sums up to a total or more than INR 1350. Both of these offers are applicable to every prepaid order. The Diwali sale went live on October 7 and will last till October 14, which means that the consumers get a whole week to get their hands on the finest skincare products in the market. A person should #getreadywithe’clat products to not only infuse the glow of the skin but also improve the mood, enhance the appearance and ultimately boost self-esteem.

While sharing the motive behind launching the festive sale, e’clat Superior’s founder Sandeep Gupta says, “Diwali calls for celebrations and celebration means a lot of outings, shopping days and parties. To enhance their beauty people often put up makeup which exhibits their personal style and for some, it may even be an important means of social expression. However, some cosmetic products have chemicals that can penetrate through the skin and clog the pores which might end up leaving the skin dry. To help the skin rejuvenate we launched the e’clat Superior in the first place. Like every special occasion, this festive season we also came up with a 40% discount to give our customers all the love they have been giving us and help them #getreadywithe’clat  so that they can have healthy skin while they enjoy the celebrations.”

The e’clat Superior has a great range of products that cater to a plethora of skin issues and resolve them. From creams to toners to sheet masks to moisturisers, they have it all.  However, the brand is a serum specialist and its serum line is an all-rounder. Even the e’clat  Superior’s sunscreen serum which every customer with the purchase of INR 1350 will get free is one that can be used all year round. The lightweight, milky texture of the versatile serum makes it seem not so heavy on the skin. This potent sunscreen serum fights free radicals, mitigates UV harm, and prevents the production of melanin in addition to repairing damaged skin cells and eliminating hyperpigmentation. The non-comedogenic SPF 50's formulation includes the brightening ingredients niacinamide and ferulic acid to help fade dark spots. In addition to rejuvenating the skin, this remarkable mixture of chemicals also leaves behind a shimmer that lasts.

Team e’clat Superior lives, breathes and loves what they do.  A lot of thought has been put up by the team of experts to bring the best products to the market. Anyone who has tried their products has witnessed a noticeable difference in the texture of their skin, acne, pores, dark circles, etcetera. The main goal of e'clat is to not only sell skincare products but they also assure that those products give their customer’s skin remarkable long-term benefits. So without further ado, add new products to your daily routine by getting the top-notch skincare items that luxury brand e'clat Superior is offering with a great discount over the holiday season.

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