Ways to give your best shoot in online interview

Jun 06 2021 02:14 PM
Ways to give your best shoot in online interview

In digital times, most companies conduct online interviews, the whole process of online interviews is the same as face to face interviews, so we should take care of these things while giving online interviews:-

1) Eye Contact :- While giving the interview, you look at the camera and keep the i contact, if you look around instead of looking at the camera, the other person will feel that you are short of confidence.

2) Dressing :- Your dress should be perfect. Your dress should be simple and classy so that you feel comfortable.

3) Makeup :- You must wear makeup before the interview. Take special care of your hairstyle.

4) Choose the right place:- Wherever you sit for the interview, there should be a proper lighting system. So that your face is properly visible to the interviewer.

5) Keep away smartphones :- Don't touch your mobile phone during interviews. Doing so will have a wrong impact on the interviewer. Also don't use laptop camera sesame web camuse. This will also correct your iContact.

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